EL TROS is an extra virgin olive oil exclusively from arbequine olives extracted in the first cold-pressing at the mill in Castelló de Farfanya, Lleida, Spain.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil EL TROS is of the highest quality: it is fruity, green and bitter.


Since 1870 the Solé family has been growing arbequine olives in the village of Castell√≥ de Farfanya, a little village in the region of the Noguera, Lleida, Catalonia (Spain).

The current generation of the Solé's family has decided produce and package their olive oil from their olives, to create their own special olive oil brand EL TROS. It is a pure extra virgin olive oil, of the highest quality, very exclusive and of limited quantity, produced at the mill in Castell√≥ de Farfanya hrough modern and technical processes.

Castelló de Farfanya lugar del origen de nuestro aceite

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The olives found in the crops of EL TROS are 100% arbequine, which is the most common olive variety in Catalonia. Our arbequine olive has adapted to the climate and soil of the municipality of Castelló de Farfanya, region of the Noguera, Lleida, Catalonia (Spain).

The extent of the cultivation is about 50 Hectares, and its yearly production is of 1.2 million kilograms of olives, which produce around 200,000 litters of extra virgin olive oil.

Nuestros olivos en Castelló de Farfanya, LLeida

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The mission of all of us around our extra virgin olive oil is always to achieve an olive oil of the highest quality.

In 2008 the arbequine variety olive trees of EL TROS plantation were renewed. The crops have drip irrigation, the following processes are applied during its biological cycle: In spring and autumn, plowing up to 25cm in depth, preventive deworming and pruning are done to renew the wood and to achieve a balanced growth of the olive trees.

botellas del Tros de 50 cl. y de 25 cl.

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