Product Catalogue

EL TROS offers his Extra Virgin Olive Oil in different fornats. EL TROS supplies its products to individuals and organizations all around the world. EL TROS has no intermediaries and offers competitive prices. The oil EL TROS is available, generally, from the month of November each year.

Glass bottles of 250 mL and 500 mL:

They are distributed in packs of 6 for 500 mL and 12 units for 250 mL. The product is packaged in bottles with non-refillable caps, threaded with gold and golden retractable capsules. The labelling is in Spanish and translations in Catalan, English, French and German can be added by auxiliary labels around the neck of the bottle according to the market.

Poplar wood case, special gift edition:

The 500 mL glass bottle is also presented in an elegant poplar wood case. Because of its distinguished presentation it is highly appropriate as a gift.

Stainless steel metal cans of 2,5 litters and 5 litters:

Labeled on two faces: with detailed technical information in several languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Catalan). On the other side the summary of “EL TROS“ is provided in Catalan.

The oil EL TROS is available from the month of November each year.